Patrolling the Beach

Patrolling the beach is the main function of the Club and we encourage our Members to participate in patrolling duties.

Bronze Medallion courses are run on a regular basis from September to April each year for those over the age of 15.

Patrol groups are rostered on a regular basis throughout the season, with most groups patrolling once a month for a four hour period.  Each patrol group has a Patrol Captain, and IRB Driver and an ARC holder as well as regular bronze holding members.

Avoca Beach patrols the area north of rock pool to the lake, with a designated patrol area ajacent to the rock pool area.

Those members, who have fulfilled their rostered patrol duties, are recognised at the end of season presentation.

Patrolling Members are provided a patrolling unfirom from SLSA, consisting of a yellow shirt, red shorts and cap which is to be worn whilst on patrol, (please do not wear casual clothes whilst on patrol),  sunscreen is found in the Captains Office and patrolling members are encouraged to reapply this, keep up their fluid intake on a regular basis, and to make use of the shelters provided.

If a member wishes to patrol, but due to work, education or other commitments is unable to attend rostered patrols, they may apply in writing to the Board of Directors for static membership.

Each year, every patrolling and competitive member is required to complete an annual requalificiation in their life saving skills.  This is a great opportunity to refresh and update your skills.

The ‘requal’ will include a run, swim, run, rescucitation skills, signals and rescue techniques.  The date of this requalification then becomes your proficiency number.