Congratulations to our competitors on another successful State Championships. The club had some fantastic results, placing Avoca Beach SLSC 15th on 63 points out of 42 clubs competing over the weekend. We are very proud of all our competitors over the weekend wearing the blue, green & gold representing our great  club!


u15 Board Relay – Mia Cracknell, Natalia Drobot/Pearl McQueen

u19 Double Ski – Fletch Armstrong/Lochy Jonquieres


u15 Flags – Declan Richardson

u15 Champion Lifesaver – Jackson O’Mara

u17 R & R – Ashleigh Eurrell, Tash Hunter, Isabella Naylor, Emma Priestley & Jenna Styant

u19 Single Ski – Fletch Armstrong


Open Board – Zoe Clarke


Champion Lifesaver Relay – 4th – Andrew Collins, Kate Broadhurst, Ellie Malone, Kaitlyn Matushka, Jules Mitchell, Riley Seers, Lochy Jonquieres, Alex McIntyre, Fletch Armstrong

u15 Surf Race – 4th – Mia Cracknell

u15 Ironwoman – 4th – Natalia Drobot

u15 Board – 5th – Natalia Drobot

u15 Cameron Relay – 5th – Mia Cracknell, Natalia Drobot, Pearl McQueen & Jasmine Smith

u15 2km Beach Run – 6th – Jasmine Smith

u17 Board Rescue – 5th – Darci Berry & Pippi Walker

u17 Single Ski – 6th Holly Ayres

u19 Taplin Relay – Fletch Armstrong, Lochy Jonquieres & Riley Seers

u19 Taplin Relay – Ellie Richardson, Zoe Clarke & Holly Ayres

u19 Surf Teams – Ellie Richardson, Zoe Clarke, Pippi Walker & Bronte Ayres

u19 R & R – Ashleigh Eurrell, Tash Hunter, Isabella Naylor, Emma Priestley & Jenna Styant

Open Ski Relay – 6th – Pete Mitchell, Jack Mitchell & Fletch Armstrong


Officials  *Mike Tamblyn *Andy Hoban *Chris Gathercole *Bev Seers *Nikki Beere *Ken Sellers (the entrance)

IRB  *Danny Jeffries *Brett Giles *Stan Priestley *Paul Kendall

TOWING *Damien Benson * Harry Armstong

COACHES –  we greatly appreciate all the time & effort you put in with our team, thank you!!

SUPPORTERS – thank you to everyone for watching & supporting our wonderful competitors.

**38 sleeps to go till Aussies starts with he Youth Championships**